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  • MJ-VR9400 Explosion-proof Vibration Sensor

    Апісанне:Explosion-proof 4-20mA vibration velocity sensor can connect to the job site of PLC system.

    IEC 60079-10 explosion-proof certification

    MJ-VR9400 Integrated Explosion-proof Vibration Transmitter is mainly i...

    Нумар мадэлі:MJ-VR9400

  • MJ-VR9200 Vibrartion velocity Sensor

    Апісанне:кароткае ўвядзенне
    MJ-VR9200 Vibrartion velocity Sensor are mainly installed on the bearing cover of a variety of rotating machinery, such as turbines, compressors, fans, pumps, etc.It is the electromagnetic sensors that output...

    Нумар мадэлі:MJ-VR9200

  • MJ-VR33 Piezoelectric low frequency speed sensor

    Апісанне:MJ-VR33 Piezoelectric low frequency speed sensor,specialized to measure the low-frequency rotating equipment which speed equal to or greater than 90rpm, such as the housing vibration velocity and amplitude of the ring pumps, cooling...

    Нумар мадэлі:MJ-VR33

  • MJ-VR30 Accelerometer

    Апісанне:кароткае ўвядзенне
    MJ-VR30 Accelerometer can measure the acceleration of direct current that up to 2.5KHz within ±1g~±18g. It has excellent stability, reliability and strong anti-jamming capability. As the common accelerat...

    Нумар мадэлі:MJ-VR30

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