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  • MJ-VR9800 Split type eddy current displacement sensor

    Апісанне:Section 1 Brief Introduction

    The leading science and technology of MJ-VR9800 Proximity Transducer System :
    1. " the best parameter matching of coil temperature stability" technology ensure a goo...

    Нумар мадэлі:MJ-VR9800

  • MJ-VR9810 Vibration Transmitter

    Апісанне:кароткае ўвядзенне

    ● With the popularity of the DCS system, the traditional secondary instrument functions can be achieved basically by DCS system. We have successfully developed MJ-VR9810 vibration transmitter base...

    Нумар мадэлі:MJ-VR9810

  • MJ-VRYT9800 Three-wire integrated eddy current displacement

    Апісанне:кароткае ўвядзенне
    ● MJ-VRYT9800 Three-wire integrated eddy current displacement sensor is widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery and other industries, monitoring the shaft displacement, shaft vib...

    Нумар мадэлі:MJ-VRYT9800

  • MJ-VR9820 Two wire axis Vibration transmitter

    Апісанне:● Mainly used in online real-time measurement of radial vibration of rotating machinery rotor shaft. Output shaft diameter to vibration. Early detection, alarm and protection of rotating machinery, so that the machine's operational life...

    Нумар мадэлі:MJ-VR9820

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