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MJ-VR9500 Portable vibration meter

Widely used in medicine, food, beverage and other industries in the cylindrical object, heap shape body and top mark automatic labeling requirements

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MJ-VR9500 Portable vibration meter is comprised of Acceleration Transducer and hand-held Vibration meter. It can be used to measure the effective value and displacement peak-peak value of vibration acceleration and vibration velocity. It is easy to operate and convenient to carry, mainly used for steam turbines, water turbines, fans, pumps, compressors, Machine tools and other equipment to check quickly and preventive inspection for mechanical equipment failure.

1. Signal input: Acceleration Transducer

2. Amplitude measurement range

Acceleration: 0.1 ~ 199.9m/s2(Half peak)

Хуткасць: 0.1 ~ 199.9mm/s (RMS/ the effective value)

Зрушэнне: 1 ~ 1999μm (Peak-Peak value)

3. Frequency Response

Acceleration: 5Hz ~ 2000Hz

Speed: 5Hz ~ 1000Hz

Displacement: 5Hz ~ 500Hz

4. Accuracy: ±5%

5. Display Mode:Three and a half Digital LCD Display

6. Power Supply: 9V laminated battery. When the battery voltage is lower than 5.5V, there is a Low voltage prompt and automatic shutdown 2 minutes later.

7. Dimension: 185(H)× 68(W)× 30(D)mm

8. Weight: About330g