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  • MJ-VR280 Digital vibration sensor

    Описание:● DSP digital signal processor

    ●With RS485 digital interface

    ● With FFT frequency analysis

    ● Software can be upgraded

    ●Low cost, easy to install

    ● Relay output(Option...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR280

  • MJ-VR9700 Piezoelectric speed sensor

    Описание:Such products are my company in many years of practical experience and engineering applications based on research and development, improved vibration velocity sensor. In the piezoelectric acceleration sensor based on the specialized high-...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9700

  • MJ-VR9600 Smart display vibration transmitter

    Описание:MJ-VR9600 Smart display vibration transmitter is a velocity vibration transmitter come with 3 digit LCD indicator for local vibration readout. It’s a real vibration monitoring transmitter used for industry, operating temperature r...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9600

  • MJ-VR9300 Anti-explosion integrated vibration transmitter

    Описание:(Equivalent to LP300 Series 4-20 mA Acceleration Sensors from CTC)

    ● MJ-VR9300 Anti-explosion integrated vibration transmitter is our latest developed micro-transmitter with a small and exquisite appeara...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9300

  • MJ-VR9230 Vibration temperature transmitter

    Описание:(Equivalent to CMSS 420VT/CMCP 420VT-T from SKF)

    ● MJ-VR9230 Vibration temperature transmitter is collected by PT100 platinum resistance temperature. Output 4-20mA current signal, vibration ac...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9230

  • MJ-VR9200A lntegrated magnetic vibration transducer

    Описание:● With the popular of DCS system, the traditional function of dual table can realize by DCS system,DCS system only need a 4~20mA signal input. MJ-VR9200A Series 4-20 mA Low Cost Velocity Sensors can meet these requ...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9200A

  • MJ-VR260 Wireless vibration temperature system

    Описание:Wireless monitoring system get real-time acceleration signal /velocity/displacement signal through wireless monitoring device,wireless data transmission controller get the signal and transfer to industrial control computer through USB, ...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR260

  • MJ-VR240 speed transmitter

    Описание:● MJ-VR240 speed transmitter can be used with many output instruments of our company and also can be connected to magnetic-electric and other speed transducers.

    ● The transmitter uses the unique precision measurement metho...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR240

  • MJ-VR69 (CW & CCW) Dual-channel sensor

    Описание:Краткое введение

    ● MJ-VR69 (CW & CCW) Dual-channel sensor is installed on the shell of the measured machine, inducting the raised part or concave slots of the magnetizer, it shows the corresponding level, ...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR69

  • MJ-VR63 Three-wire integrated speed sensor

    Описание:● MJ-VR63 integrated speed transmitter is currently the industry's most advanced technology, the country's leading technology leader in products. The transmitter is to use an analog circuit design structure compact, wide frequency res...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR63

  • MJ-VR62 Hall speed sensor

    Описание:● MJ-VR62 Hall speed sensor using hall effect. It was made by magnetic resistance as sensing elements . It is a new type speed sensor. Core component is the use of magnetic resistance as the detection element, and then through a ne...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR62

  • MJ-VR60 Passive magnetic speed sensor

    Описание:Краткое введение

    ● MJ-VR60 Passive magnetic speed sensor can convert angular displacement into electrical signals for the counter counts, as long as non contact it can measure the rotate speed and linear velocity of va...

    Номер модели:Model: MJ-VR60

  • MJ-VR9400 Explosion-proof Vibration Sensor

    Описание:Explosion-proof 4-20mA vibration velocity sensor can connect to the job site of PLC system.

    IEC 60079-10 explosion-proof certification

    MJ-VR9400 Integrated Explosion-proof Vibration Transmitter is mainly i...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9400

  • MJ-VR9200 Vibrartion velocity Sensor

    Описание:Краткое введение
    MJ-VR9200 Vibrartion velocity Sensor are mainly installed on the bearing cover of a variety of rotating machinery, such as turbines, compressors, fans, pumps, etc.It is the electromagnetic sensors that output...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9200

  • MJ-VR33 Piezoelectric low frequency speed sensor

    Описание:MJ-VR33 Piezoelectric low frequency speed sensor,specialized to measure the low-frequency rotating equipment which speed equal to or greater than 90rpm, such as the housing vibration velocity and amplitude of the ring pumps, cooling...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR33

  • MJ-VR30 Accelerometer

    Описание:Краткое введение
    MJ-VR30 Accelerometer can measure the acceleration of direct current that up to 2.5KHz within ±1g~±18g. It has excellent stability, reliability and strong anti-jamming capability. As the common accelerat...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR30

  • MJ-VR9500A Vibration meter

    Описание:1. Simple structure, easy to operate. Integrated design installs the acceleration sensor and the instrument in one shell. Only need to put the instrument probe aims at the measured body and press the measure key to complete the measureme...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9500A

  • MJ-VR9500 Portable vibration meter

    Описание:MJ-VR9500 Portable vibration meter is comprised of Acceleration Transducer and hand-held Vibration meter. It can be used to measure the effective value and displacement peak-peak value of vibration acceleration and vibration veloci...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9500

  • MJ-VR61 Portable patrol monitor

    Описание:The MJ-VR61 vibration measuring instrument is a kind of portable patrol monitor apparatus. It consists of anacceleration sensor and a smart measuring instrument with a peak detector function.The meter has LCD and can store 0-999 a...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR61

  • MJ-VR20 Static displacement calibrator

    Описание:This is a portable test equipment,can be used on site or in the laboratory,mainly used for static characteristic calibra tion of eddy current displacement sensor and calibration of the matched displacement measuring instruments....

    Номер модели:MJ-VR20

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