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  • MJ-VR9500A Vibration meter

    Описание:1. Simple structure, easy to operate. Integrated design installs the acceleration sensor and the instrument in one shell. Only need to put the instrument probe aims at the measured body and press the measure key to complete the measureme...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9500A

  • MJ-VR9500 Portable vibration meter

    Описание:MJ-VR9500 Portable vibration meter is comprised of Acceleration Transducer and hand-held Vibration meter. It can be used to measure the effective value and displacement peak-peak value of vibration acceleration and vibration veloci...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR9500

  • MJ-VR61 Portable patrol monitor

    Описание:The MJ-VR61 vibration measuring instrument is a kind of portable patrol monitor apparatus. It consists of anacceleration sensor and a smart measuring instrument with a peak detector function.The meter has LCD and can store 0-999 a...

    Номер модели:MJ-VR61

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