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Eddy одоогийн мэдрэгч

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MJ-VR9820 Two wire axis Vibration transmitter

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Fans and blowers


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Араа хайрцаг

Journal bearing machines

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● Mainly used in online real-time measurement of radial vibration of rotating machinery rotor shaft. Output shaft diameter to vibration. Early detection, alarm and protection of rotating machinery, so that the machine's operational life lengthened, shortened maintenance cycle unit.

● High level of integration, no proximitor, high reliability

● MJ-VR9820 integrated the function of proximitor and the transmitter .MJ-VR9820 only need probe and extension cables. As MJ-VR9820 save the proximitor, making monitoring assembly further reduced, so the reliability is greatly improved.

● Install easily without any adjustment

● MJ-VR9820 is extremely easy to install, can be installed in the field or in the control room. The machine measured point: General requirements in the vicinity of the bearing installation of a X, Y two intervals of 90 ° MJ-VR9820 transmitter. For a standard double bearing rotating machinery, usually installed 4 sets of vibration transmitter. The parameters have been adjusted and calibrated in our factory. So customer just need to connect the right cables without any adjustments and calibration. MJ-VR9820 can connect with our company's 8mm eddy current sensor probe .

● Gap of eddy current sensor: Generally adjust GAP output to 10 ± 0.25V.

● Fault Monitoring: Monitoring of rotating machinery rotor shaft radial vibration.

● Measurement parameters: Radial vibration (displacement) of the peak to peak.

● Unit Type: Variety of sliding bearings of rotating machinery. Such as steam turbines, fans, compressors, motors, pumps and so on.

●Installation Requirements: MJ-VR9820 directly connect with the eddy current probe, extension cable.

Vibration range

0-2000um (p-p) Original signal

Output buffer:-2~-18v,maximum transmission distance:1000m

Temperature drift

≤ 0.05%/

Ажлын температур

(-20~ + 70 болно)

эрчим хүчний хангамж

+24 VDC, maximum operating current≤50mA

Connect probe

8mm eddy current probe

current output

4 ~ 20мА байна

Хамгийн их ачаалал


Давтамжийн хариу:


OK Instruction

Green light ON



lnstall the gap voltage


External probe

Coaxial cable interface

Output buffer


Linear error



The user selects



Transmitter Dimension:

MJ-VR9820 vibration transmitter deal with the signal of peak to peak vibration displacement via the transmitter filter, peak to peak detection and normalization. Directly output 4-20mA signal to DCS, PLC interface for rotating machinery rotor shaft vibration monitoring. It provides a simple, low-cost way.

● Conditioning monitor:

Monitoring a rotor radial vibration, including shaft vibration and rotor swing etc..

● Measurements:

Measures unbalance, asymmetric, and loosen parts resulted in high vibration.

● Typical application:

Widely applied to vibration monitor of various rotary machines such as turbine, fan, compressor, motor and pump etc.

● Installation:

Need an additional eddy current proximity probe and an extension cable to build a measuring system, and the system should be installed on safety site.

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