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Vibration sensor(transducer)

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MJ-VR9200A lntegrated magnetic vibration transducer

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● MJ-VR9200A lntegrated magnetic vibration transducer is widely used in fans, pumps, compressors, turbines and other rotating machinery and other equipment of electric power, steel, petrochemical and other industries. Various vibration amount during equipment run-time is an important index to evaluate if the equipment is running properly,operibus MJ-VR9200A lntegrated magnetic vibration transducer to test vibration is an economic, high-quality proposal.

● The user can refer selection guide for suitable products to measure vibration velocity and vibration displacement according to selection.

● MJ-VR9200A lntegrated magnetic vibration transducer is one model two-wire made, it is design and produce on the basis of'-GB 3836.04 2000', which meet the application of explosion-proof occasion. According to users' needs, we can provide explosion-proof approval.

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● With the popular of DCS system, the traditional function of dual table can realize by DCS system,DCS system only need a 4~20mA signal input. MJ-VR9200A Series 4-20 mA Low Cost Velocity Sensors can meet these requirements,it has superior performance like small size, light weight, reliable performance.

● MJ-VR9200A lntegrated magnetic vibration transducer operate by magnetic-electric dipole movement of magnetic field lines cut principle, thus transfer the voltage signal amplitude to standard current signal.Signal output has wrong line protection function, it can avoid transmitter be damaged due to wrong line on site.


● Installation position: vertical or horizontal vibration in the measured point, the sensor screws in the bottom of the test case, and then the sensor tighten screw on top.

● Installation dimensions and specifications: If the transmitter is mounted flush position when subjected to high temperature steam, in order to reduce the ambient temperature transmitters, need to add protective measures, under normal circumstances do not add protection.

● Wiring Instructions: Brown wire connected to the positive terminal of the power DC24V, DC24V power blue wires connected to the negative side, both brown and blue wires is 4 ~ 20mA output leads. Connecting wires require good insulation properties, using standard GB 0.5MM2 two core shielded cable.

For example: MJ-VR9200A-C-10V-01-02-00K-00

Meaning measuring vertical speed value,measuring range is 0-10mm/s,Mounting screw thread M10 ×1.5,cable 2m,Directly lead and armored. Frequency response 10-1000Hz (unidirection / universal )

Frequency Response (Optional)

10~1000Hz * 4.5~1000Hz


Natural frequency


Vibration displacement measuring range

0-2000um (Optional )

Vibration velocity measuring range

0-100mm/s (Optional ) 0-20mm/s

Output signal


Load resistance

≤ 500Ω



Connection way

Two wire

Affordable maximum impact


Measuring direction

See product label

Applicable operating Temperature

-40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃


φ35 × 75mm

Mounting thread

See Technical Selection


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