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John vibratio-Lorem VR12 Calibrator

MJ-VR12 Automatic vibration calibrator consists of the standard sensor,signal generators,power amplifiers,signal conditioning and digital control display circuit with a small,solid and stable is a full functions vibration calibrator for industrial field or laboratory;high precision,simple operation,easy to use.

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John VR12-automatic sensorem vexillum tremor Calibrator consistit in hoc quod, signum generantibus, amplifiers potestate, signo condicionibus eas astringentibus et digital imperium per ostentationem parva circuitu, solidum et firmum plena est munera Calibrator tremor in agrum vel officinarum industriae, summus praecisione, operatio simplex, facile ad a varietate typorum can calibrate in tremore sensoriis ut acceleret motum sensoriis, vertice magnetica sensoriis et velocitate loco mota sunt sensoriis et calibrate aliquis tremula redditur ratio acquisition Cras Systems and data.

Technical parametri
Vibration table working frequency: 10Hz~5000Hz
Vibration table output signal accuracy:Acceleration:±1.5%
Vibration table output signel range:Maximum acceleration:5g
Maximum celeritate, 500mm / s
Maximum obsessio: 2.5mm
Upload the data to PC(laptop)by using RJ45 network cable,sensor linear data,ampitude frequency data,linear curve and amplitude frequency curve etc.can be offline print.on-line automatic testing will be ok.
Power supply:(220VAC±10%,50Hz),Maximum working current 2A(Suggest using 5A fuse)
Ambient temperature:10℃~50℃
Ambient humidity:95%
Nota: certe ut coniuncta terra AC220V tres core sciat.