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  • MJ-VR240 speed transmitter

    설명 :● MJ-VR240 speed transmitter can be used with many output instruments of our company and also can be connected to magnetic-electric and other speed transducers.

    ● The transmitter uses the unique precision measurement metho...

    모델 번호:MJ-VR240

  • MJ-VR69 (CW & CCW) Dual-channel sensor

    설명 :간략한 소개

    ● MJ-VR69 (CW & CCW) Dual-channel sensor is installed on the shell of the measured machine, inducting the raised part or concave slots of the magnetizer, it shows the corresponding level, ...

    모델 번호:MJ-VR69

  • MJ-VR63 Three-wire integrated speed sensor

    설명 :● MJ-VR63 integrated speed transmitter is currently the industry's most advanced technology, the country's leading technology leader in products. The transmitter is to use an analog circuit design structure compact, wide frequency res...

    모델 번호:MJ-VR63

  • MJ-VR62 Hall speed sensor

    설명 :● MJ-VR62 Hall speed sensor using hall effect. It was made by magnetic resistance as sensing elements . It is a new type speed sensor. Core component is the use of magnetic resistance as the detection element, and then through a ne...

    모델 번호:MJ-VR62

  • MJ-VR60 Passive magnetic speed sensor

    설명 :간략한 소개

    ● MJ-VR60 Passive magnetic speed sensor can convert angular displacement into electrical signals for the counter counts, as long as non contact it can measure the rotate speed and linear velocity of va...

    모델 번호:Model: MJ-VR60

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