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Portable vibration meter series

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MJ-VR9500A Vibration meter

MJ-VR9500A Working vibration meter is an integrated, compact, handheld vibration meter, used for measuring the vibration of all kinds of rotating machinery. The instrument is suitable for vibration testing of electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other industrial departments.

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1. Simple structure, easy to operate. Integrated design installs the acceleration sensor and the instrument in one shell. Only need to put the instrument probe aims at the measured body and press the measure key to complete the measurement.

2. The instrument uses a 9V laminated cell to supply power, has the function of low-voltage detection and indication. When the battery voltage drops to a level affect the accuracy value, there is a battery symbol display on the LCD to remind users to replace the battery.

3. With automatic shut-off feature allows the battery has a longer service life.

4. The instrument has the latch function, when users loosen the measuring key, it can latch, so it is easy to use and reading.

5. The instrument mainly shows the size of the vibration amplitude of the measured object. It can measure RMS value of vibration velocity, peak-peak value of displacement and half peak value of acceleration, that meet a variety of needs of vibration measurement.

1. Amplitude measurement range:


Speed :0.0mm/s~199.9mm/s(The effective value)

Displacement :0.000mm~1999um(p-p)

2. Amplitude Measurement Error:

[1] Frequency response :Acceleration:10Hz


[2] Accuracy:±(5%+1))

3. Power suppy:6F22type9Vbattery(Battery life:About 25hours of continuous use without backlight)

4. Data retention time: When you release the measurement key, the measurement data can be maintained for one minute.

5. Indicating value fluctuations: Indicating value fluctuations is not greater than a resolution.

6. Environmental Conditions

Ambient temperature: 0~40 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤80%

Atmospheric pressure: 75~106Kpa

7. Dimension: 185 (H) × 68 (W) × 30 (D) mm

8. Weight: About300 g

Acceleration transducer signal is first amplified by the filter to get acceleration signal, and then by level 1 integral to get speed signal, the signal will then go through level 1 integral again to get displacement signal. One signal will be chose in the three signals by measurement selector switch, through AC-DC conversion and A / D conversion, a three and half digit will be displayed on the LCD screen.

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