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  • MJ-VR280 Digital vibration sensor

    الوصف:● DSP digital signal processor

    ●With RS485 digital interface

    ● With FFT frequency analysis

    ● Software can be upgraded

    ●Low cost, easy to install

    ● Relay output(Option...

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  • MJ-VR9700 Piezoelectric speed sensor

    الوصف:Such products are my company in many years of practical experience and engineering applications based on research and development, improved vibration velocity sensor. In the piezoelectric acceleration sensor based on the specialized high-...

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  • MJ-VR9600 Smart display vibration transmitter

    الوصف:MJ-VR9600 Smart display vibration transmitter is a velocity vibration transmitter come with 3 digit LCD indicator for local vibration readout. It’s a real vibration monitoring transmitter used for industry, operating temperature r...

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  • MJ-VR9300 Anti-explosion integrated vibration transmitter

    الوصف:(Equivalent to LP300 Series 4-20 mA Acceleration Sensors from CTC)

    ● MJ-VR9300 Anti-explosion integrated vibration transmitter is our latest developed micro-transmitter with a small and exquisite appeara...

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  • MJ-VR9230 Vibration temperature transmitter

    الوصف:(Equivalent to CMSS 420VT/CMCP 420VT-T from SKF)

    ● MJ-VR9230 Vibration temperature transmitter is collected by PT100 platinum resistance temperature. Output 4-20mA current signal, vibration ac...

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  • MJ-VR9200A lntegrated magnetic vibration transducer

    الوصف:● With the popular of DCS system, the traditional function of dual table can realize by DCS system,DCS system only need a 4~20mA signal input. MJ-VR9200A Series 4-20 mA Low Cost Velocity Sensors can meet these requ...

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  • MJ-VR260 Wireless vibration temperature system

    الوصف:Wireless monitoring system get real-time acceleration signal /velocity/displacement signal through wireless monitoring device,wireless data transmission controller get the signal and transfer to industrial control computer through USB, ...

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