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Vibration sensor(transducer)

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MJ-VR9600 Smart display vibration transmitter










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MJ-VR9600 Smart display vibration transmitter is a velocity vibration transmitter come with 3 digit LCD indicator for local vibration readout. It’s a real vibration monitoring transmitter used for industry, operating temperature reach at -35-+85℃.The transmitter combines a vibration sensor and signal conditioner in a single enclosure. It provides the ideal solution for rotating machinery vibration level and transmit a 4-20mA signal directly to a PLC, DCS, monitor, or other 4-20mA signal input devices, and the alarm could be programmed on the instruments. MJ-VR9600 is directly mounted on the machine case or bearing bush.

Outline dimension drawing of the transmitter:

▲Frequency response: 5HZ-1000Hz ( speed) 10HZ --- 1000Hz(Vibration displacement)


▲Measuring range: 0-200mm/s Smart adjustable(press the button)

0-200um Smart adjustable(press the button)

▲Supply Voltage: +24VDC

▲Resolution ratio:0.05%

▲Overload Current: ≤ 50mA (overheating or short circuit protection)

▲Temperature drift:≤0.1%℃

▲Load resistance: 500 Ω

▲HART features: process variables, analog output, lower limit of analog range, upper limit of analog range, lower limit of sensor range, upper limit of sensor rang, damping analog range etc.

▲Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 ℃

▲Installation: vertical, horizontal, universal

▲Weight: About 450g

▲Dimensions: φ58mm × 90mm

▲Ip Grade: Ip62

▲Output current:4-20mA

▲Shell material:Stainless steel(Materials can be changed according to user's requirements)

▲Stainless steel shell

▲Alarm relay output

▲485 communication protocol

▲Real-time storage function

▲Wireless 2.4G ZIGBEE industrial local area network transmission

▲Unlimited GPRS network transmission

▲Output voltage DC 0-5

YD9600- A□□ - B□□ - C□□ - D□□ - E□□

3 digital LCD indicator

2-wire non-polarized loop power supply

4-20mA output proportional to the vibration levels

Directly connected to PLC, DCS or other 4-20mA input devices

Different mounting stud available

High & low pass filter available

Wide operating temperature range -40℃~+85℃

Low crossed axis sensitive

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